Mold Contractors in Massachusetts

What the ideal Mold Remediation/ Mold Removal Contractor has in Massachusetts?

The most important detail you should look at when choosing a Mold Remediation/ Mold Removal contractor is there experience in dealing with Mold. A successful contractor will have hundreds of references readily available for you to contact, in most cases in your home town. Also, being a member of the Better Business Bureau is a positive that cannot be over looked. This allows customers to speak frankly about their contractor and file grievances if necessary. A quality contractor avoids grievances by assuring customer satisfaction every step of the process.

If the contractors passes aforementioned, then it is time to inspect their credentials. The contractor should have Mold Remediation insurance. Many small companies that deal with mold only have general construction insurance which does not cover mold remediation or mold removal. This information is invaluable to homeowners to protect their most valued asset from an amateur possibly doing significant damage to their home. The contractors should also have the proper licensing to do work in your state of residence. Although many states do not regulate the mold industry, every contractor should have a business license.

The pricing of Mold Remediation and Mold Removal is essentially the industry costs. If a contractor bids extremely low compared to two other bids, it should raise eyebrows. There is a good chance that contractor does not have the overhead of a qualified mold remediation / mold removal contractor as listed above.

Commonwealth Environmental Services Inc. is proud to be a member of the BBB for the better part of a decade and has hundreds of references available for clients to speak with; as well as the proper insurance and licensing.

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