Just three words neatly summarize what has to be done in effective and safe mold remediation, mold investigation, and mold assessment:


(1) CONTAIN-The mold from spreading into uncontaminated areas

(2) BIOWASH- CLEAN, HEPA Vac, and Disinfect

(3) ENCAPSULATE – Seal affected areas against future mold spore growth

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"Recipient of the 2011 Patriotic Employer Award" DOD/ESGR

Mission Statement

Commonwealth Environmental Services (C.E.S.) is a Massachusetts based company specializing in mold remediation in both residential and commercial environments. Unlike other environmental or biohazard companies that may incorporate mold remediation into their businesses, C.E.S.'s sole focus is the removal and prevention of toxic mold. We promise to treat your home or business with respect and dignity. We only use non-toxic chemicals manufactured by Fiberlock Technologies here in Massachusetts. We strictly adhere to the Environmental Protections Agency's Guidelines for the remediation of Toxic Mold. Our professionalism, integrity and commitment to you is our number one priority. All of our remediation projects come with a Five Year Transferable Warranty. Our approach to working in your home or business is the same as we would have if we were working in our own home or business. Proudly serving customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut for eight years.

Welcome to your Solution to Mold

Mold, like all fungi, feeds on the organic materials found in your home, in your child's school, your office and virtually any non-synthetic surface area which has some moisture. As it grows, mold causes structural damage and serious health issues.

Commonwealth Environmental Services Inc. antimicrobial protection stops airborne mold from growing on treated surfaces. The EPA-registered, water soluble solution forms a surface shield against single-celled microbes.

For older homes, hospitals, or offices, our inspection teams can find pockets of mold that may be causing harm to your health and structural damage. If you suspect or have found mold in your home, contact us immediately for professional removal and further mold prevention.

Mold Investigation and Assessment

Our team of inspectors are highly experienced in locating the potential sources of water intrusion, identifying the associated molds, and developing plans to remove mold contamination.

Commonwealth Environmental Services Inc.'s  staff takes a comprehensive approach to performing mold investigations, as many different factors must be considered when trying to identify the source of contamination. A thorough building history and characterization form the basis of the investigation. Clear objectives are established before any sampling or analysis is undertaken to insure that useful data is generated in the complex arena of mold contamination.

CES utilizes independent hygienists to conduct scientific testing to avoid potential conflicts of interest. This ensures our mold remediation projects are completed following the EPA guidelines and to the highest quality standards set forth by our company.



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